Guided tours of the Mandarin Museum, the 1898 St. Joseph’s Mission Schoolhouse for African-American Children, the 1875 Webb farmhouse, and the 1911 Store and Post Office are available by advance reservation. We welcome schools, youth groups, and adult groups.

The park and buildings are all handicapped accessible, and picnic facilities and restrooms are available in the park. The farmhouse is a three- to five-minute walk along a paved path from the parking lot. The farmhouse is not air-conditioned and can be very hot during the summer months.

Tours normally run from 9:30 am to 12 pm and can accommodate about 60 people. School and group tours will visit the Mandarin Store and Post Office as well as the Walter Jones Historical Park, which features the Mandarin Museum, the farmhouse, and the one-room schoolhouse. School tours are designed to support the Florida history curriculum for elementary school students. Click here for more information on tours designed for fourth-grade classes.

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