Mandarin Store and Post Office
Award celebration at the Losco Winery on December 4 at 10 am

Miss Aggie2Agnes Grace Jones, “Miss Aggie” as she was affectionately known, was the daughter of Edith and Walter Jones. She was a resident of Mandarin from 1898 until her death in 1992 at the age of 94. Miss Aggie was an independent, strong-willed, confident woman who possessed a deep sense of community and a charitable heart. Part entrepreneur, part community activist and part social worker, she had the business acumen to run a successful grocery, the organizational skills to become Mandarin’s Postmistress and a reputation for helping her fellow man in time of need. She was the last of her family to live in the Webb/Jones farmhouse which is located in the Walter Jones Historical Park.

“Miss Aggie” Day is celebrated and an award is given annually to a resident who has contributed to the Mandarin community in the areas of business, civic, educational or charitable accomplishment. The candidate’s contributions may be specific deeds or an accumulation of actions over a period of time. Recipients need not be “experts” in any particular area but might be known or recognized for their sense of community, their caring attitude or individual accomplishments.

2021 RECIPIENT: Orren “Bo” Philips

Orren “Bo” Philips is the first to be honored posthumously, as he died unexpectedly in 2020.

Bo joined MMHS near its beginning, when we didn’t even have a museum, but we had big dreams and as Bo said he could help “because I like old things.” He brought a skill set to the museum that we didn’t have. He knew “what” the old tool was that we found in the barn and what it was “used” for. He knew how to fix anything and how to build anything. He also knew people who could help when needed. He was a worker and a doer. He had friends and knew how to pull everything and everyone together for the common good of the community.

He assembled a group together to recover parts of the old Wheeler Sawmill that was buried in the banks of the Julington Creek. They then reassembled it in Walter Jones Historical Park where Bo and Jim Hightower worked for years to complete it, even buying matching parts that were missing. Next to the sawmill, he built a sugar cane grinder, donating one that he owned and had on his property. Bo was just like that….

Former MMHS Board Member Beth Meyer, shared a story of a memory of Bo: She had been contacted by a Mandarin family member regarding an old building that was scheduled to be demolished after the family homestead was sold. She called Bo Phillips. She scheduled a visit with the family to see it and she and Bo went to check it out. She followed Bo into the building- it was covered in blue shag carpet, and I mean the walls, ceiling and part of the floor. It was awful, but Bo said to the family, “this is great and we will take it.” That building is the Losco Winery! Bo and Kirk numbered the logs, disassembled the building, moved it, and rebuilt it at the Walter Jones Historical Park, along with Pat’s help.

Bo was asked if he could help a group of individuals with disabilities that wanted to play wheelchair rugby but couldn’t because they didn’t have cages to protect their legs. Bo built the protective cages for each one of the participants. He custom made them, and came out and personally fitted each one.

Bo and his friend Jim Hightower, for years, ran a little train car in the park during Winter Celebration. This was a huge joy for the children. He worked hard and gave back to our community and made it a much better place, just like Miss Aggie. But, just like Miss Aggie, he would not want any of this attention!

His legacy will certainly live on in his work and love of the buildings in the Walter Jones Historical Park and the 1911 Store and Post Office. He is greatly missed…and will always be remembered.

Past Miss Aggie Award Recipients

🍊 2020: Sam Folds and Wanda Bosworth

🍊 2019: Lynn Cuda

🍊 2018: Don Bowden

🍊 2017: Susie Scott

🍊 2016: Sarah Bailey

🍊 2015: Sandy Arpen

🍊 2014: Linda Levin

🍊 2013: Emily Lisska

🍊 2012: Virginia Barker

🍊 2011: Elizabeth “Betty” Wolfe

🍊 2010: Alice Stanley

🍊 2009: Susan Earnhart

🍊 2008: Jane Cooksey

🍊 2007: Mary Kaminski and Bonnie McNulty

🍊 2006: Mary Ann Southwell

🍊 2005: Rhonda Reese

🍊 2004: Karen Roumillat

🍊 2003: Kate Monson


The Mandarin Museum & Historical Society will accept nominations for this award from any interested party and will make a determination as to the suitability of the nominee under the established criteria. The recipient will be notified prior to the award announcement and will be asked to participate in publicity activities and related media coverage. Miss Aggie Day, which honors the recipient as well as Agnes Jones, will be held at the historic Mandarin Store and Post Office.

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