Sandy Arpen, President
Karen Roumillat, Vice-President
Karen Droege, Secretary
Anne Morrow, Treasurer
Virginia Barker
Henry Davis
Gabriele Dempsey
Hope Ferrigno
Susan Ford
Michael Myers
Dr. Patrick Plumlee
Roger Sallas
Bruce Vacca
Dr. Jim Waler
Rev. Roger L.D. Williams
Mike Woodward

Presidents Emeritus
Jim Towart
Beth Meyer
John Cooksey
Fred Hulett

Some of our board members share why they love Mandarin. Select the images below to read their stories.

Sandy Arpen
Gabriele Dempsey
Susan Ford
Anne Morrow
Bob Nay
Patrick Plumlee
Karen Roumillat
Roger Sallas
Jim Waler
Mike Woodward

Olis Garber generously donated his services to photograph our board members. We thank him for the many hours he spent on this project and the wonderful portraits he has given us. Check out his business at