Meet MMHS Board Member Beverly Clarke and learn why she loves Mandarin. Beverly learned about MMHS when we had the Schoolhouse Grand Opening in April 2016. She immediately became a schoolhouse and museum volunteer before she began to serve on the Board in 2017.

“There are many historically interesting sights and places in Mandarin: the Mandarin Museum & Historical Society, the dock on County Dock  Road, and the African Methodist Episcopal Church, to name a few. However, one of my favorites is the old schoolhouse situated in Walter Jones Park, another historic site.

I was especially drawn to the schoolhouse for 2 reasons: one, it reminds me of my very first experience with school in Jamaica, where I was born and raised. You see, I attended a one-room schoolhouse for pre-school and I sat on a wooden bench and wrote on slates using chalk, pretty similar to some of the items in the schoolhouse.

The second reason I chose the schoolhouse is that in my mind’s eye I can see the happy and excited little children in their over-sized clothes as they eagerly wait to be taught by the Sisters. They were apparently unconcerned with their appearance or the distance they had to travel to attend school.

I love Mandarin and moved here because it has enough of the qualities of a city that I like, as well as that country feel that I was accustomed to growing up in my native Jamaica.”